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This document (Whitepaper) contains general information about the Xensei platform and the services it offers. Xensei is a project that aims for secure data sharing across industries by using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence integration. However, the information presented in this whitepaper should not be considered as investment advice.

Investors are advised to conduct their own research and seek independent financial or legal advice if necessary before making decisions regarding Xensei tokens or any cryptocurrency. The crypto markets can be highly volatile, and a portion or all of the invested capital may be lost. The Xensei project does not provide any guarantees regarding the future value or performance of its tokens.

The Xensei team and its management take great care in ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of the information in this whitepaper; however, changes in market conditions or the project’s development process may require updates to this information over time. Xensei reserves the right to change the information in this document at any time without prior notice.

The views and predictions expressed in this whitepaper are based on expectations valid for a specific time frame and carry the risk of not materializing. Therefore, Xensei cannot be held responsible for the outcomes of any investments made based on the information presented in this document.

Xensei tokens are not subject to the securities and capital market regulations of any country. However, investors should carefully examine the legal requirements in their own countries before purchasing Xensei tokens.

Any legal liability or compensation claim should be made to Xensei’s registered business address and according to applicable law.

In conclusion, this legal disclaimer should be considered as a general guide regarding the Xensei platform and its tokens. It is strongly recommended that investors conduct a comprehensive evaluation before making any decisions.